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Honey B (Barney’s Farm)


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For all your Honey B (Barneys Farm) Strain Reviews, Information, and Strain Index. Honey B from Barney’s Farm is a sativa dominant hybrid with hints of orange peel in the flowers aroma. If you don’t think this name was picked with purpose, guess again. The extremely sticky and resinous layer on the bud feels like honey to the touch.

Honey B is a very uplifting strain that leaves its users feeling happy and euphoric from the get go. The high is a cerebral one that begs for your creative juices to flow. Don’t be surprised if you and your friends jump on the giggle train and don’t get off for a while. This ultra uplifting strain is perfect for patients that deal with depression and and stress. Don’t let these symptoms get in the way of living your life, medicate properly to continue enjoying life.

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