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Rodriguez Alonso

Calibudsandcarts is the first Online shop I ever visited after getting my card 1+ years ago. Can’t say a bad thing. Secure, gated parking, security, super friendly, knowledgeable staff. Good products. They are always doing something for customers…free slushees, portable basketball hoopshot etc.

They have good prices and good deals. Give them a try!

Mike Sefter

This is quality service, hands down! A very engratiating greeting with refreshments. Our budtender Nicole is awesome. Manny is knowledgeable and very customer oriented. I will go no where else.

Amanda Patrick

Taylor was extremely a delight to have as a budtender. very nice, easy to talk to, informative. I’d take her over anyone else all day

James Coleman

I love this place staff is all won wonderful everyone’s happy to be working there there’s three ladies one’s named Sam the other I don’t know but I called the her onion lady the quality of the weed is always great and The taste is always good my favorite place to shop.

Oneal Drew

Great deals that soften the blow of being a patient who relies on their meds which I always appreciate.

James Miller

They’re products are always of good quality, topshelf actually. The vape carts are excellent and their customer service is very friendly. On my last visit my tender was Chris, he was kind and really patient with me which was appreciated. Also they pick out the stems while they’re weighing your bud which I haven’t seen any other place do. Excellent service and quality. Shop here!!!

Amanda Breece

I have been wishing to have discrete weed delivery, no tractability and  here at calibudsandcarts they actually archived that. I recommend this site

Mathew Baker

Everyone is friendly and professional, and they have very good prices. We’ve also been very satisfied with quality. I feel like I get what I pay for. It’s easy in and out. Definitely give them try.

Ahmed Salif

Found my go to online shop. everyone was great, no rush very knowledgeable, good variety, and great selection. Will be back. Shout to Sam and the gang you guys are the best.

Elsa Brown

Cory is by far one of the best bud tenders I have met in a long time. Knowledgeable and great to work with. The MAC I bought based on his recommendation was so good, I kept forgetting to write this review.

Olivier Kendall

Love this place shout out to Teresa and Sam you both doing an amazing job. Owner should be proud to have you like your service so much am reviewing you here and on my IG keep it up and thank you.

Charlie Jr

The lady who helped me was very knowledgeable about cartridges, which I really appreciate! I don’t remember her name, but she was so nice and welcoming. Thanks to you, I get better tokes from my pens!!

Daniel Aiden

Very friendly workers helpful. Hayden g. Waited on me was the best help. Explained a lot to me about products actually bought more different product to try. Thanks to him. Great job.

Haley Carter

Omg so Friendly. Haley was great I mean great. Smiled laughed at my dumb joke. Showed me grape cola and omg i love it and my pain is gone as well.. got some vape oils and a vape as well as she explains everything. Especially since I never used vape oils. Didn’t rush me at all. I felt secured. Nice packaging. Thanks Haley

Wyatt Nathan

After my first visit, I have to say I have found my go-to place for flowers and maybe everything else for that matter. Everything from carts to bud to knowledgeable tenders can be found here. Thanks to Alex (sweet lady) for directing me to Cory who made me feel like I had arrived home. Absolutely love this place.

Angel Larisa

First time going Great Customer Service I will be returning! Great Huge Selection! Nice first time deal for New Customers!

Colton Ezra

Every product they carry is high quality and all the bud tenders so far have been some of the friendliest people! I’ll definitely be coming back again.

Garvin Leonardo

Customer service and quality of flower is great. I’ve also indulged in a cartridge and the Midnight Express flavors they provide are really good.

Antonio Brody

I’m writing this review about a week after I went here. Still can’t get the amazing hospitality and deals out of my head! Just planning ahead on what I want next. I believe the Budtender was named Chris. my mans was so helpful! He walked my cousin and I thru the menu, told us his personal picks. Good combos bc I was picking out a lot of goodies. This establishment is hands down the best online shopping has to offer. This hidden gem is EASILY on top. They cater to those who enjoy edibles and Pens, to the heavier smokers like myself. 12/10 rating, will be back, honestly can’t say enough good things about this gem. I don’t normally like to Floss for someone else either but this Dispensary deserves it.